"To become a growing pharmaceutical company and able to compete to produce qualified medicine, safe and Halal for people development in the health section"

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Customers are in the heart of how we think and act.  We are committed to deliver high quality medicines which will improve their quality of lives.


We take pride in delivering high quality medicines which ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and our growth. This is possible as a result of our extensive application of research to manufacture our medicines.

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We encourage our employees to empathize and respect one another as the care we show one another in the workplace is reflected on our interactions with our customers.


We embrace opportunities to learn and grow. We focused on continuous improvement of ourselves as an individual of the manufacturing processes we are accountable for. Collectively we will achieve growth and at the same time giving positive impact to the community.

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"To spearhead the development of an affordable healthcare ecosystem in Indonesia driven by innovation, strong collaborations and operational excellence."

1. implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice to produce quality products.

2. Adapted facilities and infrastructure with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice.

3. Ensuring the application of the Halal assurance system starting from the use of starting materials, production processes, product storage and product delivery processes.

4. Improve personnel capabilities with internal and external training programs.

5. Ensuring the quality of each starting material (raw materials and packaging materials) used in the production process to ensure the quality of the products produced.

6. Providing testing laboratory facilities that comply with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

7. Supervision of the product during the production process, the final product and during circulation in the market