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Stands for Smart, Action, Manage, Cooperation and Organize, SAMCO is a set of philosophy which reflect on how the company is run and managed by innovative and smart professional, whom will continue to develop and manufacture a variety range of medicines with the customers' best interest in heart.

At Samco Farma, we recognised that our employees are the OUR PEOPLE

forefront for the company to ensure our products are delivered at a good and timely manner. Our employees are in the heart of the company's operations and are capable to manage a complete business unit, support and commit to attain the company's vision and mission. 

We regularly send our employees to various relevant trainings and workshops to develop their skills and competence, and more importantly to empower them in making wise decisions on behalf of the company. We believe that the journey of an education is a lifelong pursuit, and it will continue to push us forward as a company. 

Long term employees are recognised and rewarded through our Reward Program and several employees gathering activities are conducted annually to increase employees' bonding and build a harmonious relationship. 

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